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HoM - Felicia and Embry by Rylalu HoM - Felicia and Embry by Rylalu

Name: Felicia Burns

Nickname: None yet, why don't you guys come up with somethin

Gender: Female

Age: 10

Birthday: February 20

House: Phoenix

Ran: Soldier

Level: 1


Felicia is an impatient and free spirit. Her imagination is bigger than a house and she always find whacky things to do when shes bored. She's a bit awkward when first meeting people, staying quiet and stepping around nervously. But once you get her to talk it's hard to make her stop. Felicia doesn't know what she wants to do with her life, or herself. She doesn't think ahead often and instead prefers to watch things unfold as they go. Felicia likes to watch people, seeing how they communicate with each other as she fades into the crowd like a ghost. But at the same time she wants to stand out, she wants to be seen. Felicia wants to recognized in the world, it doesn't really matter for what, just something. She doesn't put up with people who annoys or upsets her, telling them straight out that she doesn't like them and they should go away. Felicia hates the idea of being alone. She never wants to be alone, which is part of the reason she agreed to get a spirit in the first place. But at the end of the day, when you get right to it, Felicia has a playful and innocent attitude, finding anything to keep her entertained no matter what the cost.


:bulletorange: Fire places

:bulletorange: Books

:bulletorange: Scrap metal

:bulletorange: Breaking things

:bulletorange: Cooking


:bulletblue: The dark

:bulletblue: School

:bulletblue: Scary things

:bulletblue: Did she mention the dark?

:bulletblue: Not understanding something


Felicia was born into a well off family that lives in the Presidential suite of a large hotel somewhere in downtown. Felicia was an accident, with two older siblings with the youngest of her two siblings being 10 years older than her. Sicne the day she was born she hadn't really gotten any attention from anyone in her family, her father thought of her as a waste of space that ate up his money, while his mother prefered to pamper the older children over her toddler. Felicia didn't mind much, she was rarely exposed to other families and just figured that’s how it was for everyone. Around the age of 5 Felicia's mother died in a car crash, the doctors stated it was a fast death, died on impact. Her father and siblings were devastated. Felicia was sad as well, but nowhere close to how the rest of her family felt. Her father began drinking soon after her mother’s death, quickly becoming an alcoholic. Their new drunk father seemed to make it clear the kids were separated in two groups, the angels, and the burden. Again Felicia didn't seem to notice as her sisters were praised on a daily basis and she was ignored, her father barley remembering to feed her three meals a day. Felicia was placed in homeschooling when it came time for her to enter first grade, staying home all day by herself as her father worked and sisters went to school. Felicia was smart, she didn't have to do much school and mostly spent the days daydreaming away as her imagination blossomed in her loneliness. Her father didn't notice most of what she did, so she was allowed to do just about anything she wanted. As long as she didn't leave any evidence that is.

When she was 8 both of her sisters moved out of the house, apparently sick of their father, even though they got anything they ever asked for. Pampered rich kids are like that though, getting everything yet never having enough. With only Felicia left in the house, her father became more agitated day by day. The two began to avoid each other, Felicia disappearing into her room when her father came home and her father never bothering to check up on her. Felicia figured as long as she had her imagination and day dreams, she didn't need her father. Felicia began to dislike her father as the days passed, looking through the crack in her door as he drank and sometimes smoked different things. It didn't take long for a fire to spark in her, she wanted to fight back. While her father was at work one day, Felicia went nuts. She ran across the house throws pots and plates to the ground shattering all of them and spreading spices and dirt across the house. When her father came home that night, later than usual since he had been out drinking, he was horrified at what he saw. Felicia was waiting for him sitting in the middle of the room smiling, "Welcome home~!" she stated grinning to herself, proud of what she had done. But her father wasn't very happy. He ran over to her in his drunken anger and pulled her up, slapping her across the face and yelling at her. Felicia stood in shock for a couple of seconds, before pulling away from him. She raised her hand, and hit him back. She yelled at him louder than she had in her entire life. Her father in his fury picked her up and threw her into her room, she had broken the lights that were in her room and had no windows. So when he slammed the door shut it was pitch black. To this day she isn't exactly sure how long she was locked in there, all she knows is it was around midnight of some other day when he finally let her out. She quickly yelled a bit more and demanded to be put in public school at the end of her fit, then stormed out of the building.

Felicia ran, not sure if she should go back or not, as tears began to spill from her eyes. She had so many emotions running through her, but a few stood out. Hatred for adults, fear of the dark, and a strong hatred for her father. Felicia didn't look where she was going, not caring anymore. As she ran she suddenly collided with someone, falling backwards from the force. Looking up she saw a girl not far from her age, with reddish brown hair and bright aqua blue eyes. The girl looked down at Felicia for a moment, before reaching out a hand to help her up. Felicia stood up and sniffed, trying to stop her tears as she rubbed at her puffy eyes. The girl looked worried, and asked Felicia what was wrong, all she managed to reply back to the stranger was "I hate adults."

The girl smiled at her, patting her head as she let Felicia finish the last of her crying. The girl kneeled down so she could look at Felicia head on, "Hey, wanna go something fun? Away from adults?" the girl said to Felicia, confusing her. Adults were everywhere, adults controlled the world, was there really a place that didn't have them? Noticing her confusion the girl continued, "Somewhere where you can do whatever you want, where the adults can't tell you what to do." At this Felicia's eyes shined with interest. The girl explained about spirits and the house, and Felicia didn't hesitate to agree. It sounded like fun, Felicia wanted something fun, even if it was temporary and might cause a bit of heartache later.

Felicia let the girl lead her to the house of Phoenix where she met a token forger who look at her up and down, before smiling, and held out to her a lantern. The hoop at the top looked just big enough that she could wear it on her wrist, but it was also obviously to heavy to wear it as a bracelet. It would be a better idea to wear it on a belt or something, Felicia eagerly took the item, look down at it smiling. The lantern sparked on as a body took form in front of her. Felicia couldn't believe her eyes. standing in front of her was a living ember. The spirits body was covered in broken cracks, letting out a comfortable warmth as the never ending fire beneath her skin pulsed like a slow heartbeat. Felicia had meant to say 'what a beautiful ember' but instead what slipped out was "Embry" as she lost her will to speak from her awe. the spirit smiled down at her, her mouth barely visible against her almost pitch black skin.


Name: Embry

Gender: Female

Elemental Ability:

Temperature control. Embry can control the temperature of her body, going from the warmth of a fuzzy blanket to a raging fire within seconds.

Weapon: Claws


Embry, although looking a bit scary, is a wild and kind spirit. She is obsessive and over protective of Felicia, claiming that she didn't aloud to have any other friends and that Felicia was all hers, no one else is aloud to have her. Embry is hostile towards strangers, stating that their going to hurt Felicia somehow and they should just get away from her. But once you make friends with either Felicia or embry, shes melts in a warm and kind person, she likes to make bad jokes and tease Felicia's friends on a daily basis. Embry likes to keep secrets, she doesn't trust anyone other than Felicia and is always telling Felicia 'You shouldn't tell them that!' 'What if they tell someone else!' but to no avail. When Felicia is getting bullied at school Embry tends to pop and and yell and threaten to beat up the kids, even though they usually can't see her. Towards people she dislikes Embry is cold hearted and plain out mean, and usually stands between them and Felicia, acting as a shield.


:bulletblack::bulletblack: - Hate
:bulletblack: - Dislike
:bulletwhite: - Uncertainty
:bulletyellow: - Acquaintance
:bulletblue: - Friend
:bulletgreen: - Best Friend
:bulletpurple: - Family/Like Family
:bulletorange: - Crush
:bulletpink: - Love

| Feeling | Name | Roleplayer |

None yet~!

Other information:

Felicia collects scrap metal, she likes to make things with it using either a blow torch or Embry to put the pieces together, she makes anything from crowns to little statues.

Felicia's token works, and Embry is able to light it up on most occasions, so Felicia never has to be in total darkness.

Felicia is easily scared.

Felicia still lives with her father, her father hasn't hit her since the one incident and put her in public school as she wished. He often leaves on business trips leaving her home alone.

Felicia makes up random holidays and dresses for them often, anything from flower crown day to dress like a mouse day.

:bulletorange: Music :bulletorange:

The Show By Lenka

~ *I don't know where to go I can't do it alone I've tried* ~

Don't Leave me By Regina Spektor

~ *But if you are a friend of any sort then stay the night* ~♪ [this is also a video of what she does around the house when alone haha]

Alligator Sky By Owl City

~ *Remember to breath cause it'll take your breath away* ~♪

Tiptoe By Imagine Dragons

~ *In the morning light let my roots take flight watch me fall above like a vicious dove* ~♪

Roleplay example

[A bit longer than my usual posts i'll be making, this is from a private RP site i have set up with a friend]

Faye skipped across the smooth stone floor, she was itching with excitment. She was soaking wet again, from going through the waterfall entrance. But she didn't seem to notice, it was normal. By the time they had gotten to the waterfall the strands of her hair had actually frozen together, but going through the waterfall again had caused all the ice to melt away, and it was warm enough inside the cave that it would dry normally. They were getting closer to a little stone house, it looked like some kind of fishing cottage actually, one you stay one or two nights in at most. The walls were cracked and the few windows were each broken in some way. This didn't alarm Faye as she twirled around when the house drew nearer. They had been walking down the cave river, but for some reason, they had taken a moment to make a giant u around to avoid somewhere. Faye had made the excuse that it was easier, but in truth she just didn't want Jay to see them, the scaries. Across the river only part of the area was lit up with her torches, she couldn't really swim and it was a long way around, so she rarley put torches there. Luckily the monsters we're slow swimmers as well.

Faye looked up at the ceiling, the cave was covered in beautiful natural glowstone, but the ceiling had the most. It looked like stars, in fact, thats what she thought stars were. She had never been outside of the cave at night, she couldn't remember stars. It was gorgeous, in fact the entire beyond imaginable giant cave was beautiful. With a few sparkling water pools and a large waterfall that poured into the crystal river. Faye let out a large smile as she ran up to the house almost falling into the pond that was in front of the house before hopping up to the front door, she looked back at her hurt friend, "Home~!" she said gesturing at the broken down stone brick house. She hoped he wouldn't notice any of the broken windows. Hopefully the scaries wouldn't come today, though there wasn't really any sense of time in the cave. Faye ran over and looked around the corner of her home, glancing at the bubbling lava puddle in the idstance, she could only see a few scaries off in the distance now, she might get lucky. She turned back around and skipping over to Jay grinning, "Isn't it perfect~" she said in a slightly creepy voice, it wasn't meant to be creepy, but considering what was around her, it could be taken that way.

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